The owner of Kyoto Animation was heartbroken because the young fire victims were very young

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The majority of victims died and were injured in their 20s and 30s, while the death toll increased to 34.

Japanese television station NHK said on July 20 that one more person had died in the hospital, raising the number of people killed in Kyoto Animation’s studio fire to 34. In addition, 36 were injured, 9 were killed. in critical condition. Most victims are in their 20s and 30s.

Kyoto Animation Film Studio in Kyoto City has 160 employees with an average age of 33. The age of the deceased is unknown. The names of the victims are kept private. Hideaki Hatta, the company’s president, said many people were killed as young women.

“Some are new to the company in April. By July 8, I have just rewarded them with a small amount, but the first bonus,” he said. “People with a promising future have died. I don’t know what to say.”

Police confirmed the suspect’s identity was Shinji Aoba, 41, but did not disclose further. Japanese media said Aboba had a criminal conviction of robbery and carried out the attack because he thought the studio had stolen his novel idea.

Hatta said he did not receive a plagiarism complaint and did not receive a letter from the suspect. The police still have not arrested Aoba because he is burning badly and is hospitalized.

Two days after the fire, Japanese anime fans gathered near the studio to place flowers, drinks, and memorial to the victims.

“The offender seems to have a mental crisis, but I cannot forgive him. The staff at Kyoto Animation are all very young and beautiful, it is hard to accept that they have gone forever,” said one. Kyoto university students said.

Police are blocking the scene while investigators investigate. The smell of burning spread throughout the quiet suburbs of the city. Hatta said the building was badly damaged and would be destroyed.

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