Karofi affirmed to be Southeast Asia’s largest manufacturer of water purifiers

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Karofi’s water purifier factory is built on an area of ​​nearly 40,000 m2 in Yen My (Hung Yen province) to meet about 700-1,000 employees working here. On average each day, at Karofi factory, about 2000 water purifiers serve customers.

Karofi’s factory has 4 workshops: Mechanical, plastic, core, assembly; executive building area, cafeteria for modern employees and warehouses.

In order for the blueprints to be realized, the first stage is to make the casing. At Karofi factory, the body of the shell is produced in place at the mechanical workshop. The area uses modern automated and semi-automatic machinery, ensuring accurate mechanical parts are produced. After being tested, the raw material will be transferred to the punching machine to create solid parts to produce rough shells. After that, the shell will be transferred to the welding machine, painted to be a complete shell product before passing through the assembly.

In the plastic workshop area, the plastic molding machine will be responsible for producing parts made from plastic on Karofi water purifier such as: filter cup, filter, core body … on modern lines for large capacity and high precision.

The soul of each water purifier is the filter core. Good filter, good quality, can provide water to ensure health for users. At Karofi factory, filter cores are produced on the spot. Karofi water filter core is manufactured on automatic and semi-automatic combination system according to continuous chain which is applied by advanced manufacturers in the world.

After being fully assembled, the machine will be put into test run for quality inspection. When qualified, it will be cleaned and packed. The low quality inspection process is applied ISO 9001-2015 quality management system with 100% products tested before reaching customers.

Testing at Karofi is carried out in accordance with the Ministry of Health’s procedures as guided by WHO and Unicef. The Institute of Occupational Health and Environment – The Ministry of Health will sample the water purifier according to the required rate at each batch and check and evaluate it at the laboratory. Only lots that meet the requirements can be stamped QCVN6-1: 2010 / BYT, indicating that the water after filtering of the water filter Karofi can be taken directly. Currently in Vietnam, Karofi is the first and only unit to implement this process and is certified with the Water Filter reaching the national standard for direct drinking water.

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