Japanese expert lighting led lamps with … urine

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A Japanese professor created a new breakthrough in the lab on April 18 when he tried to light the LED for several hours with just a small amount of urine.

The inventor of the breakthrough fuel source is Mr. Keiichi Kaneto, visiting professor at Osaka Institute of Technology.

According to Yomiuri Shimbun of The Japan News, Professor Keiichi conducted the experiment in the hope that people could apply it in extreme conditions such as climbing or using during a disaster.

Urine can produce energy thanks to the urea content available in it. Many reports suggest that urea contains hydrogen, an essential component of fuel cells.

“Although energy can brighten the LED light bulb in this case, I also note that the method cannot be used to boost the effectiveness of chemical reactions,” noted Professor Keiichi.

The scientist created a net about 1 millimeter thick. This grid is covered with a layer of resin resin on a fabric containing copper and nickel alloys, which can generate electricity.

So the small blue led light can light up with just a few drops of urine on it. When four nets merge into one network, it is enough to shine a human hand in the dark.

“If it is a fabric made of carbon fiber that has a high electrical conductivity, the output of electricity can increase. I hope to study the utilization of fuel from this human body will help in harsh environments, such as in a natural disaster.

It’s not just an idea of ​​using available materials and plastic to create energy that can be used anytime, anywhere, by anyone. With a few enhancements, it can be used in many different ways, ”said the professor.

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