Instagram will warn you before disabling user accounts

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Instagram has changed its policy and pledged to warn users before disabling their accounts, which makes many people feel annoyed in the past.

According to GSMArena, Instagram has received many responses from users for disabling their account without any prior notice.

But now users will receive notifications in the app when their account is at risk of being disabled due to violations of community guidelines for nudity, pornography, bullying, harassment, hate speech, drug sales and terrorism.

Users will also have the opportunity to appeal deleted content and disabled accounts in the app instead of having to go through the help center.
Instagram added that, in addition to deleting accounts with a certain percentage of infringing content, the service will delete the account with certain violations in a time window; Similar to how policies are enforced by the parent company Facebook.
Last week, Instagram launched anti-bullying features provided by artificial intelligence (AI). Now, with the latest update, the company aims to keep its platform in a safe and always supported place.

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