Vietnam will be strong with fraudulent goods origin after being subject to US steel tariffs

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Vietnam will talk to the US about the imposition of tariffs on imported steel originating from South Korea and Taiwan, while preventing trade fraud.

“The relevant Vietnamese agencies will continue to coordinate and exchange with the US to protect the legitimate rights and interests of businesses, in accordance with the provisions of the World Trade Organization and the Agreement World Trade Organization (WTO), at the same time preventing illegal evasion and fraudulent practices, “said Le Thi Thu Hang, Vietnam’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman today in a press conference.

Ms. Hang answered the question about the new US tax rate of 400% with Vietnam steel products originating from Korea and Taiwan (China).

The US Department of Commerce on July 3 issued a preliminary ruling that some types of steel produced in South Korea and Taiwan (China) were shipped to Vietnam and then exported to the US in the form of stainless steel and steel. cold rolled to avoid taxes. The agency asked US Customs to collect taxes of up to 456.23% with steel imported from Vietnam using materials from these two places.

Previously, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam warned and recommended domestic enterprises that the investigating agencies of importing countries, in which the US could change regulations, set stricter requirements when Trade defense investigation. Vietnamese enterprises are recommended to study and propose appropriate business strategies, especially to switch to using domestic raw materials or other sources.

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