British airline staff was suspended for naked travel in the hotel

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Three British Airways employees drank and drank naked across the hallway and knocked on the doors of hotel rooms in Singapore.

British British Airways said today it had suspended flying for three allegedly nude crew members running in a hotel in Singapore last week. Three employees, including two men and one woman, also face the risk of being fired.

British media on July 4 cited insider sources saying the three had snuck alcohol from airplanes to “enjoy the fun time” while staying at Singapore hotels after 14-hour flight from Heathrow airport in London.

British Airways Boeing 777-200 airplane with registration G-YMMO landing at London Heathrow International Airport in England, UK that is the main hub and base for BAW. BA is the flag carrier airline and is member of Oneworld aviation alliance. Boeing 777-200(ER) is an airplane with extended range of distance flying capability. (Photo by Nicolas Economou/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

“They hugged, stripped naked and touched each other in a completely nude situation,” the source said. “Then they played the game of ‘spinning the bottle’, the ridiculous game with an increasingly daring challenge to make everyone drunk”.

While drunk, three naked people ran up and down the hall and knocked on the other rooms. A disturbed passenger is British Airways official, who is very angry with their behavior and reports to his superiors in London.

Last year, a British Airways crew member was accused of raping a female flight hostess while stopping in Singapore. The incident is said to occur at “alcoholic parties” and a 46-year-old British man was arrested later.

Some British and international media reported that British Airways employees often organize drinking and partying in Johannesburg, Las Vegas, Bangkok and Singapore. However, excessive behavior like the three crew members above has never been recorded.

“What the British Airways crew did seems to be out of control, because wherever you go, you must be aware that you are representing the airline and the country,” Rachel, a former flight attendant no English, say.

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