Boeing compensates US $ 100 million for the victims of 737 MAX

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Boeing shared in advance the losses of relatives who died in accidents and announced that they would pay families $ 100 million.

Boeing, the world’s largest aircraft maker, announced yesterday it would compensate the victims’ families for $ 100 million in two accidents on the 737 MAX, which killed a total of 346 people.

Boeing said the compensation will be phased in over a period of several years to cover the cost of living, education of the victims’ families and reducing the financial difficulties they face. Boeing is also committed to working with local authorities and non-profit organizations to help families of victims.

“We would like to share our deep sympathy with the families and relatives of the victims and hope this initial assistance will comfort them somewhat,” said Dennis Muilenburg, Boeing’s chief executive. This compensation is also not related to lawsuits by victims’ families targeting Boeing.

In April, Boeing estimated it would have to pay more than $ 1 billion for two accidents, leaving the company almost without financial prospects for 2019 and canceling the bonus plan for shareholders. After two tragedies, the 737 MAX was banned from flying around the world.

The 737 is the best-selling jet aircraft in Boeing history, with more than 15,000 orders, about 5,000 of which are the fourth generation 737 MAX. Boeing has now delivered about 370 MAX aircraft around the world, but the entire fleet is likely to be unable to take off for a short time.

On June 26, the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) found more errors in the flight simulator software of the Boeing 737 MAX, meaning that Boeing will not be able to obtain a flight safety certificate for Boeing 737 MAX on the 8th. / 7 as previously set goals. The time when this line of aircraft is banned from operation is expected to last longer because the FAA will have to spend at least two to three weeks to consider the issue before making a final decision.

Boeing developed the MAX aircraft earlier this decade to compete with European rivals Airbus, the airline dominated because of its high fuel consumption. Critics said Boeing was too hasty in designing the MAX line to compete with rivals, but Boeing denied.

Experts believe that the 737 MAX’s system to enhance flight control (MCAS) is the cause of two catastrophic accidents on Boeing 737 MAX aircraft of Lion Air, Indonesia and Ethiopian Airlines only in less than 6 months, leaving a total of 346 people dead. MCAS is a system that prevents aircraft from sniffing the nose too high, leading to uncontrolled free fall, or failure. Pilots in two accidents are said to be unable to control the aircraft due to faults from the MCAS system.

The aviation authorities around the world are now cautious when investigating incidents involving Boeing’s aircraft.

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