American flight attendants control passengers claiming to be ‘God’

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Delta Airlines aircraft must turn their heads after the flight attendants and passengers control the suspect claiming to be “God saves the world”.

The flight attendants on the US Airlines Delta Airlines flight yesterday were forced to control a male passenger on the flight from Puerto Rico to New York, after the man shouted “I am God” and announced it would save the world. The flight then turned to land at San Juan, Puerto Rico airport.

Puerto Rico police immediately arrested male passengers at the airport and handed over to the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The suspect was identified as Carlos Ramirez, 30 years old.

“We welcome the fast and professional action of the crew on Delta 579 flight,” Delta Airlines announced after the incident. The company said the hostess team under the help of some customers had timely controlled the troublemaker.

Flight number 579 then continued its journey and landed at John F. Kennedy International Airport, New York about two hours late than planned.

It is not uncommon for passengers to mess up on Delta Airlines flights. In July 2017, on a Delta flight from Seattle, USA to Beijing, China, passenger Joseph Daniel Hudek IV beat a female stewardess and another when reminded of him trying to open the exit door. Dangerous on airplanes.

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